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Monday, March 21, 2011

Benefits of Adopting a Pet From a Shelter

I just had to share this article someone emailed me for my Blog:

Benefits of Adopting a Pet From a Shelter

Here are millions of dogs and cats that sit in shelters waiting for some person to come take them home every day of the week. Millions more are euthanized due to a lack of space or funding in the shelter each year.

While many people may feel that a pure-bred animal with papers is the only way to get a good dog or cat, this is completely untrue. There are millions of deserving animals that just want a home and family.

While it may seem that there are disadvantages to adopting a pet from a shelter, the benefits far outweigh any negatives to adopting an animal. One of the biggest benefits of adopting a shelter animal is that the fee to adopt the pet is far less than anything a breeder or pet store will charge. Many shelters offer their pets for minimal fees in order to facilitate adoption. In addition, the animals will generally come with a microchip already imbedded as well as have already been altered. These are two costs that the new owner will not have to incur after taking their dog home.

Pets from shelters also come with all of their shots and have been de-wormed, something that frequently can't be said for pet shop animals. Another huge benefit of adopting a pet from a shelter is that mature animals are available. By adopting a mature pet, the family doesn't have to go through the extremely destructive phase of chewing or housebreaking, in many cases. Another advantage is that the dog or cat is full grown.

If a family has limited space available, it is a good idea to adopt a full-grown pet rather than a puppy because the dog won't grow anymore. The dog or cat's temperament is also already known at the time of adoption. This is very important, particularly for people who will have their dog or cat around children a lot. Slightly less able to be proven is the generally accepted theory that shelter animals are more eager to please their new families than a pampered pet store animal would be.

There is a theory that a rescued animal feels so much gratitude for being removed from the shelter by its new family that they try to express that by trying to please their new family even more. For animal lovers, adopting a pet helps to correct the problem of pet overpopulation. Purchasing a puppy or kitten from a pet shop or breeder contributes to the problems of overpopulation.

So please for your next pet, consider adopting a pet from a shelter. Your new best friend could be waiting for you.

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