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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Your Local Emergency Contact Person for your Pet.

Why do you need a Local Emergency Contact Person?

In case your pet sitter is unable to reach this family or friend should be able to make decisions on your behalf for the care of your pet.

Or if there is an emergency such as a natural disaster and you are unable to get back for an extended period of time, your emergency contact should be able to step in and take care of your pet.

Or in case something should happen to you, your emergency contact should be able to take over the care of your pet during an extended period of time?

Who should be my Emergency Contact Person?

Start with friends or family members who live nearby and can reach you or your pets quickly. Make sure they have keys, necessary codes or other information to access your home, grab the pets and evacuate. If you need help putting a plan and kit together please contact me at


  1. informative post for all who have pets and they really love their pets. for keeping our pet safe we should have first aid contact. Thanks for sharing!!

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